paid per clickPaid per Click is the easiest way to make money online with your blogs. Paid per click is the commission that paid by the ads broker to you, for every click made by visitors of your site or blog. Here the difference of Paid per Click with the paid to click. If you join affiliate programs Paid per click, you will only show the ads, but not to click your own ads.

If you are interested in Paid per click program, of course you must register your blog first. Then, if you already in-approve, you will get a script code of ads to displaying on your blog. The script code provided will appear as text links or banners links on your blog. For each one-click that your blog visitors do to these ads, you will be paid. So, all you have to do is to create a strategy so your blog visitors click on these ads.

But remember, the broker Paid per Click will know if you make click by yourself on their ads. If they knew, not only you will not get paid, but you will also be deleted from their list, so don’t ever do this. Paid per click is usually paid in dollars. Your payment will send to a virtual bank, but can also be sent by check directly to your address. The average minimum payout of Paid per Click ranged between $ 5 - $ 10.

If you are interested, you can register at:


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Actually, Paid to Publish is near with the paid to reviews program. But, you will not need to make your own reviews. They have provided a variety of articles which you can choose to publishing in your blog. Paid to Publish can be a way out for those who have no talent to write his own review. Or can also be exercises for beginners paid to reviews.

Paid to Publish requirements somewhat more easily than usual paid reviews program. They divide the blogs into several categories. Of course each categories will pays different according to the blog rank. Payment system will be based on the point that a certain number will be equal to the dollar. Payments made through paypal account.

So. if you are interest to make money with your blog through Paid to Publish program you can try this one:

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paid to reviewPaid to Review was the most popular affialiate programs. Paid to reviews would pay Bloggers to write a review about a product, website, software, or various things as your Advertiser wish. In addition to reviews, bloggers will also be asked to include some links in the form of anchor text. Paid to review is a program that is suitable for you who loves to write and recognize new things.

However, paid to reviews countless as an online business with heavy requirements. Generally, a blog will approve if had the minimum Page Rank 2. In addition, the broker paid to reviews average only receive blog in English-language (although some still accept the Blog in non-english). Some Brokers Paid To Reviews also saw the Alexa Rank, Technorati Rank, and the Link Popularity to decide to accept a Blog.

But actually, the requirement that a little heavy, comparable to the grant paid. For each of Review, you can get paid between $ 2 up to $ 100. Of course, the better rank of your blog, the higher paid you will earn for each review. Payment is usually done through virtual banks like paypal, alertpay and e-gold. You can set the minimum payout yourself, ranging from 20 up to $ 100.

If you are interested, then there are many Paid to Review Broker on the Internet. Some of them are:


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participate in forumFor those of you who like to discuss in the forum then paid to post may be an option to earn money online. The broker of Paid to Post program will pays you to get involved to contribute and give your responses in the forum. The more much your contribution and the more response you give, then the more money you get.

After having an account at the brokerage of Paid to Post, you will participate in the forum to discuss with them. Paid to post also give you a fee for choosing to be a referral too, often up to 25% of the income of people you recommend. Just like most affiliate programs, Paid to Post paid through a virtual bank with a minimum payout of about $ 5.

Some programs of Paid to Post are:

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earn money to read emailThe program names paid to read emails has some similarities with the paid to click. You'll get paid to watch and read the ads that provided by the ads broker. The difference is, now the ad is sent to your email inbox. So you will be paid for time that you use to read the ads email. Some of you used to read dozens of his e-mail every day, isn’t it? So, why not to get paid ?

The average time you need to read an e-mail Paid to Read is amount 30 seconds to 2 minutes. On average, paid to read pay only $ 0.05. But if you can read it faithfully 1 hour days, then you've got 1.5 $ per day. But you can also earn more money by becoming a referral.

The Paid to Read program applying multilevel referral, some of them provide up to level 4 and 5. If you are diligent to promote, you will get paid much enough. I recommend you to use a gmail account for this program, because some of other email account will blocked any email that they consider as spamm. This Paid to Read program payments are made through paypal, e-gold or alertpay, with a minimum payout about 1 up to $ 10.

Here are some programs Paid To Read Email that you can follow:


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paid to sharePaid to share program is suitable to selected as your affiliate program if you are glad to upload your files and share them. Paid to share will pay you for each files that downloaded by your blog visitors. For those of you who like to make ebook or blogs template, paid to share can be a choice to marketing your product.

Even if you are person who like to share your ebook and templates for free, then this way can help you make money online. Usually after having the paid to share program account, you will be given the opportunity to make a variety of your files as online files. You can upload the file, and the site will be hosting the files for you. You will be given a download link, which you can put on your blog.

Next, you need to do is make the ads of your file. And every one who downloaded your file will give money to you. But, don’t worry, your guests will still get the files for free. You will be paid by the paid to share broker. Payments will usually be made through paypal with a minimum payout of about $ 10.

Among the brokers of paid to share program which you can choose are:



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paid to surfOne of the mainstay for making money online is paid to surf program. Especially for those of you who like browsing and reading articles. If you are a person like that, it means you are a person who every day would spend many hours to be online. And without you realizing some of the websites that you click actually is the online advertising. Well, why not get paid for something that is has become a hobby of you?

Of course you have to do first is register yourself on the paid to surf program. You can just say, that the ad broker, now want to make a kind to share their money with you. If you have registered, they will regale you of their commercials, and give you a fee for having seen the ad.

Each paid to surf, has a different fee. Some of them also provide for the referral fee. Some even provide them with a level of up to five levels. So, if you start soon, its the greater chance of becoming the top referral. Payment is usually done through paypal. Minimum payments ranged from 5 to 20 dollars.

Some Paid to surf, you can try are:




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